Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Announcing our new Resource Library

Introducing the Colonial Williamsburg Education Resource Library!
What is the Colonial Williamsburg Education Resource Library?
The Resource Library is a collection of Colonial Williamsburg's American history and civics multimedia materials, and is accessible via a free account at resourcelibrary.history.orgIt is designed for educators, students, and learners of all ages.
  • Contains background texts, primary sources, lesson plans, videos, interactive web activities, and more to provide teachers everything they need to teach a given topic.
  • Can be used to teach American history from Jamestown to the Civil War, social studies, civics, and careers in history fields, with cross-curricular ties to language arts, science, math, art, and music.
  • Contains 200+ resources, and new teaching materials will be added every month. The video programs have won 16 Emmy awards.
  • All content is correlated to standards for all 50 states.
  • Colonial Williamsburg's Institute for Teacher Professional Development has 30 years' experience creating engaging, high-quality materials by teachers for teachers.
  • Searchable by keyword and browsable by era, theme, and subject.
  • Absolutely, completely FREE to use!
How is the Colonial Williamsburg Resource Library different from HERO and the Teacher Community?
The Colonial Williamsburg Resource Library replaces both HERO and the Teacher Community by combining the contents of both websites---and more!---into one seamless experience. 

Learn more about the Resource Library.
Questions? Contact herosupport@cwf.org.
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