Tuesday, June 30, 2020

VA-ALERT: Reminder on laws coming tomorrow and more...

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1. Gun laws effective on July 1, 2020
2. Video of VCDL's Alexandria Protest
3. Help needed: Envelope stuffing party on July 4
4. VCDL Carry Card cleanup
5. Terrified mother under attack in Fredericksburg call 9-1-1 to no avail
6. Virginia Democrats thinking of law requiring police to fire warning shots!
7. Local news coverage of VCDL's lawsuit to stop UBC law
8. Delegate Ken Plum shows the twisted thinking of gun controllers
9. Good video about gun myths
10. "Other" items are also covered by OHGAM law according to VSP
11. The Virginia Crime Commission is having a virtual meeting on Wednesday, July 1

1. Gun laws effective on July 1, 2020

Here is a link to the alert that analyzed the new laws going into effect on July 1.

Here is coverage in the Daily Press.

2. Video of VCDL's Alexandria Protest

Thanks to EM Matt Gottshalk for this great video of the speakers at the Alexandria Protest on June 13th.


3. Help needed: Envelope stuffing party on July 4

From Board member Bruce Jackson:

What better way to celebrate the freedoms the Founding Fathers enshrined on the Bill of Rights?

It may not qualify as "The rockets' red glare and bombs bursting in air.."
It may not match the fireworks displays that are put on,
but, it is a way to make sparks, and nothing says that one of the sparks, that *YOU* create, could not be the one that lights a fire under the current Virginia <retching sound> ANTI-FREEDOM leadership!

The VCDL Fulfillment Center (FC), located in North Stafford County, Just under Quantico Marine Base, needs help!  

We have 5,000 membership Welcome-Packet Business Envelopes that need to be stuffed.

Letters, Stickers, and Carry Cards!  --  Oh MY! (with apologies to "The Wizard of Oz")

If you are available on Saturday, July 4th anytime between 9 AM and whatever time we are finished, we can use your help!

Any amount of time worked will be welcome!

Lunch (pizza) will be provided if we go that long.

Make Saturday, July 4th, 2020 a GREAT day! Celebrate freedom!

Email Bruce Jackson @ Bruce@vcdl.org to volunteer.

The FC address will be sent to the volunteers before the evening of the 3rd (the day prior)

If we can get 15 volunteers or more, the work will go quickly.  If we have more, I have other tasks that can be completed as well.  There is no shortage of things to do!

P.S. If you cannot help we understand, but please, do not respond if you are NOT planning on attending.  My inbox gets crushed daily as it is! Thanks!

4. VCDL Carry Card cleanup

From Board member Bruce Jackson:

Are there green VCDL Carry Cards in a store display?  They are outdated, toss them!

Initial distribution of the Light Blue colored 2019-2020 Carry Cards is complete.

NOTE: if you asked for some Carry Cards and did not receive them, please re-request the cards.  

The Fulfillment Center has been a madhouse for the last couple of weeks.  The initial distribution is normally around 15,000 cards of the 60,000 printed. This year 84,000 were printed and the initial distribution was 71,000!

If you see *ANY* expired cards (expired June 30 2020), please, remove and dispose of the cards immediately and let us know where you found them so we can get the new cards distributed.

You can let us know by emailing Bruce@VCDL.org.  Thanks!

5. Terrified mother under attack in Fredericksburg call 9-1-1 to no avail

Fredericksburg City Council has showed its disdain for gun owners for years.  But now they are doing the same for the rest of Virginia's law-abiding citizens.  They ordered the police to stand down during a recent protest and almost got a mother and her 12-year-old daughter severely hurt or killed.

The mother was in a car with her daughter, when it was surrounded by a violent crowd at an intersection.  The terrified mother called 9-1-1, but was told there was nothing the police could do to help her get away from the miscreants.  The 9-1-1 operator suggested the mother call City Council to complain!  (Yeah, of course she might have had to do that from the grave.)

This was in VIRGINIA!  I hope that mother gets her CHP and starts carrying.  In her particular case, her two-ton vehicle would have made a great weapon which could have been used quite effectively against that violent crowd.


6. Virginia Democrats thinking of law requiring police to fire warning shots!

Once again, the gun-controlling Democrats in the General Assembly show they know nothing, nothing about guns or about police work.  They are the wrong people to ever be in power.

As a one-time law enforcement officer myself, I am shocked at the Democrat legislative wish list for police in the next legislative session (possibly in August).  

Since VCDL focuses on guns, the one that I am concerned with says that officers must fire a warning shot before the use of deadly force!  

For years VCDL has been making sure that our members are aware that firing warning shots is something that should NEVER be done.  Period.  Not into the air, not into the ground.  NEVER.  They are dangerous to innocent people who may be in the area.

Reminder:  the House is up for grabs in November, 2021.


7. Local news coverage of VCDL's lawsuit to stop UBC law

8. Delegate Ken Plum shows the twisted thinking of gun controllers

While Democrat Delegate Ken Plum has said nothing about the violent protests, he had a real problem with gun-owners having a rally at the Capitol during Lobby Day.  

Instead of seeing the VCDL rally as a huge number of citizens peacefully exercising their First Amendment right, he saw it as a "siege."  I kid you not.  The man is such a hateful bigot, it's sickening.

Here is what he sent out to his constituents on January 22, 2020.  Look at the disdain he has for gun owners, blaming us for arrests of people who had nothing to do with the rally:

E-mail from Delegate Ken Plum-1-22-2020

"Siege of the Capital-
This column is being written as news stories continue to increase that thousands of persons opposed to gun legislation will be coming to the Capitol grounds to protest. Increased citizen participation is usually a good thing, but in this case it is seeming more like a siege than a peaceful protest. Already the FBI has arrested three individuals in right-wing hate groups who apparently were planning to come with guns that would be fired from various locations to start a race riot. Three other persons were arrested from the same hate group but whose plans for the day were less specific. Law enforcement authorities had gathered enough credible evidence of a threat that the Governor barred any guns on Capitol grounds on Monday except for the police. Security fencing was installed on the grounds. Streets were closed.

The General Assembly had made plans to conduct business as usual as much as that is possible. I am hopeful that the news you have been reading is that the day passed without serious incident. I can assure you that I will be going forward with my bill to close the many loopholes in the current background checks system to ensure that people who have shown themselves to be a threat to themselves or others will not be able to purchase firearms. Recent polls indicate that about 80 percent of people support the bill as a good public safety measure."

Only twice before am I aware that the capital experienced a serious physical siege. The first occurred in 1676-1677 while Virginia was still a royal colony with its capital in Jamestown. Nathaniel Bacon led an armed rebellion against royal Governor William Berkeley who he contended did not provide adequate protection against Indian attacks for settlers on the western frontier. The story gets more complicated as there was a desire by the settlers to seize more land from the Indians and for Bacon to gain more power in the governance of the colony. His attack led to the capital being burned. You can still view the foundation of the capital if you visit Jamestown Island today.

The second siege of the capital came near the end of the Civil War after Virginia had been out of the Union for four years. Richmond was the capital of the Confederate States, and many skirmishes and battles occurred around it during the war. The city was key to mobilizing, outfitting and feeding the Confederate army but did not fall to Union forces until April 1865. Confederate forces burned the city as they departed. Fortunately, the Capitol building was saved from the fire that otherwise destroyed the city. A week later the Confederates surrendered at Appomattox west of the city. The war was ended even though there are many who continue to debate who was to blame for the war and who won.

A well-regulated militia made up of state and local police will protect the Capitol building and its occupant legislators from those who would deny freedom to others through their misuse of firearms. We will not be bullied regardless of their siege."

9. Good video about gun myths

Like all human endeavors, not perfect, but pretty good:


10. "Other" items are also covered by OHGAM law according to VSP

Perry Hecker, with Triune Shooting Sports in Warrenton, sent me the following email:

"We have just been instructed that anything considered 'other,' such as lower receivers, Mossberg Shockwaves etc, are now added to the list of one per month (30 days) unless you have a concealed handgun permit."

11. The Virginia Crime Commission is having a virtual meeting on Wednesday, July 1

The Virginia Crime Commission meeting starts at 10 am on July 1 and could be discussing the failed Assault Weapon Ban bill, as well as other gun-control bills, from the January General Assembly session.  Go to http://vscc.virginia.gov/meetings.asp to watch the meeting.

The Democrat leadership has stacked the Crime Commission with gun-controllers, including Lori Haas, who is a gun-control lobbyist!  You can't make this stuff up.

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