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Glenn Beck Personally Invites you to Join us on July 4th - Restoring the Covenant



Hi Robert, 

I have some really exciting news to share, and its pretty urgent. A series of miracles have happened and prayers have been answered to open the right doors to be able to pull off something that the Lord has prompted me to do this summer. 

It is a fun, whirlwind family event this Fourth of July. But it is so much more than that.

For the last several months, my team at Mercury/TheBlaze, Mercury One/Wallbuilders and OUR/The Nazarene Fund have been trying to lock down a historic event called:

Restoring The Covenant

As many of you know, we are a nation that was built on the idea that we should be a "shining city on a hill" – a country different from all others. One that made a pact of "covenant" with Almighty God, and as long as we remained in service of Him, living a decent life as He directed, He would guide and protect us. They made the covenant in 1620. George Washington made it again in 1789. Finally, it was renewed in 1853 – we have fallen far since. 

The great debate in the 1850s was whether America was built by those who sought gold, treasures, fame, and fortune. Or, the pilgrims that came here because they wanted to live a life free to worship God as they saw fit. The pilgrims brought kindness, good relations with Native Americans and the longest treaty in American history – 85 years until the native Americans broke it. Jamestown, on the other hand, brought misery, slavery, abuse, and in the end, cannibalism. 

In the end, 1863, in the middle of the civil war — after Abraham Lincoln had been driven to his knees and he begged God to tell him what to do, he was impressed upon him that the war was NOT about the Union but rather freeing God's children. Ending slavery. When Lincoln declared a renewal of the covenant, we went from losing almost every battle to winning every battle except one. 

For months we have been researching this covenant – it's history, the words and from an Old Testament perspective, what has to happen to make an actual covenant with the Lord. 

I know we must be on the right track and that it is important because it has been almost impossible to get this even to a point where I could announce it. I thought we were going to announce in September. Three weeks ago the issues became overwhelming and there was no foreseeable way to pull this off. Perhaps you heard the segment on the radio show asking you to pray for a miracle. The very next day of a chain of events began to happen that no man involved could have taken credit for. 

As I was walking off the stage here in West Palm Beach last night, I was told that the good and hardworking people in Gettysburg, Pennslyvania had started the permit process to allow us to hold this major historic event on their most buy day, July 4th, Independence Day 2020. They wanted you to come to their most historic and American town. 

Because you are on a very special list, noting that you have donated time and money to Mercury One and our efforts to "free God's Children" all over the world from America to the Middle East to the jungles of Asia, your help has been instrumental in building a platform, network, and community which is dedicated to truth no matter the consequences. Blaze Media, we wanted to tell you first and give you an opportunity to reserve your place for Restoring the Covenant

This time, due to where we will be, space is very limited. I really would love to have you and your family on your blanket for a traditional American Independence celebration. Special events will take place all weekend long – speakers, history, a pop-up museum, a Shabbat meal on Friday night with Rabbi Lapin and rabbis from around the world. I can't wait to tell you who the host and speakers will be for Friday and Saturday. As the sun begins to set, we will renew the covenant in a solemn assembly with leaders of almost all Judeo/Christian faiths on stage together. The fireworks that will follow will be unlike anything you have ever seen using music visuals, artifacts, and a history tour de force by me. I have goosebumps just thinking about what we are designing. To wrap up the event there will be a Sunday service that I don't think you and your family will ever forget. 

I cannot give you all of the details now, but if it at all sounds interesting and like something you think you will want to attend I ask you to go to right away. A five dollar donation will hold your place in line as it will be first come first serve and as I said, space for the event is extremely limited. 

You can come for the day, for the weekend or even spend the entire week with me, David Barton, and Tim Ballard as we take a private train from Plymouth MA with excursion stops in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and finally the original train station that welcomed Abraham Lincoln to Gettysburg. 

There are packages that are all-inclusive – hotels, air travel, all meals and special passes and seating at every event to a day pass for Saturday.

All proceeds will go to pay for this event with a major donation to Mercury One, OUR, and The Nazarene Fund. Our goal is to raise awareness that our task is not finished. We can come together to end slavery, help you learn and teach our lost history, restore a critical American Tradition, and begin to heal our country by Restoring the Covenant. 

The general public will be getting this information at 10:30 AM EST today. I know it is late notice but please hold a place in line by making a $5 donation and someone will contact you with more information. 

May God bless you and America. 
See you this summer.  

Glenn Beck



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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Don’t do what they did...

There’s no debating the fact that life in the early Americas was drastically different from life today. However, there are plenty of lessons from those times that we can apply to our lives today. 
Take Jamestown, Virginia, as one example. As the first English settlement in the United States, Jamestown was supposed to serve as a beacon of hope and survival for the new settlers.

However, over the course of eleven years, only one third of the original 1,800 colonists survived

From food conservation to alliance building and strengthening, there are plenty of lessons that can be taken away from the mistakes made at Jamestown.

Click the button below and discover what really happened at Jamestown and three universal lessons you can use today to avoid the undesirable outcome that befell many of its residents. 

In liberty,
Grant Miller
Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply
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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Flash March - Saturday - 10:00 AM WJCC Courthouse

Show Your Support for 
APRIL 13TH 10:00 - 11:00 AM 

5201 Monticello Ave, Williamsburg, VA 



JCC Police have been notified and will be on hand to provide security!

Lets show those Indivisibles that WJCC is Trump Country and that we love ICE, Police and our Military!!


Williamsburg - James City County Republican Committee, P.O. Box 2104, Williamsburg, VA 23187
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