Saturday, November 5, 2016

Disrupting your food supply - easier than most think


We live in a complex world. Simpler times are clearly behind us.
Our nation's food system rests on a complicated network of farms, imports, and distributors with tight delivery timelines that could be thrown off by anything ranging from a drought to international politics.
What a difference 400 years makes.
Building Jamestown in 1609
Consider the "starving time" of Jamestown as an example of bad luck and bad weather leading to tragedy.
In the winter of 1609-1610, two out of three settlers in the Jamestown Colony died. A combination of poor leadership, a siege by a neighboring Indian tribe, and a disruption in the food supply caused a crisis so bad that the remaining 60 colonists found themselves eating shoe leather and facing accusations of cannibalism.
This is not an example of something that could never happen again! Let's take a moment to remember this colonial nightmare as it holds three valuable lessons for how to prepare for food shortages today.  

Have a great weekend and stay alert, friends! 

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