Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Campaign for RNC National Committeewoman

My Campaign for RNC National Committeewoman


I am very excited to announce that I am running to be your next RNC National Committeewoman for Virginia.  The Republican Party of Virginia's 2016 State Convention is being held at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, on Saturday April 30th.  If you can join us, please RSVP by clicking here.  The outpouring of support over the last several weeks has been overwhelming and humbling.  I hope you will take a moment to look over the group of people who have committed their support to my campaign and consider joining the team yourself!


Suzanne Obenshain


State Central Committee Members:

  • John Whitbeck
  • Chris Marston
  • Pete Snyder
  • Curtis Colgate
  • Barbara Tabb
  • Jack Wilson
  • Lynn Tucker
  • Wendell Walker
  • Fred Gruber
  • Mark Kelly
  • Adam Tolbert
  • Jo Thoburn
  • Allen Webb
  • Terry Wear
  • Kasha Nielsen
  • Dan Webb
  • Del. Jackson Miller
  • Sen. John Cosgrove
  • Kevin Gentry
  • Juanita Balenger
  • Al Aitken
  • Robert Watson
  • Allen Webb
  • Roger Miles
  • Carl Anderson
  • Cheryl Hargrove
  • Kishore Thota
  • Janet Riddick
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Steve Trent
  • Bill Flanagan
  • Carol De Triquet
  • Renee Maxey
  • Clara Wheeler
  • Georgia Alvis-Long
  • Jane Ladd
  • Doug Rogers
  • Marie Quinn
  • Noah Wall
  • Kevin Corbett
  • Michelle Jenkins
  • Marcy Hernick
  • Jerry Lester
  • Julie Williams
  • Andrew Nicholson
  • Eve Gleason
  • Keith Damon
  • Patsy Drain
  • Devon Flynn
  • Jake Lee
  • Michael Wood
  • Jeff Wernsing
  • Jenny Mundy
  • Del. Jimmie Massie
  • Sen. Bryce Reeves
  • John Hager

Elected Officials:

  • Congressman Rob Wittman
  • Congressman Scott Rigell
  • Congressman Randy Forbes
  • Congressman Robert Hurt
  • Congressman Bob Goodlatte
  • Congressman Morgan Griffith
  • Congresswoman Barbara Comstock
  • Senator Mark Obenshain
  • Senator Emmett Hanger
  • Senator Bryce Reeves
  • Senator Bill Carrico
  • Senator John Cosgrove
  • Senator Dave Suetterlein
  • Senator Siobhan Stolle Dunnavant
  • Senator Richard Stuart
  • Senator Ben Chafin
  • Senator Steve Newman
  • Senator Jill Vogel
  • Del. Rich Anderson
  • Del. Dickie Bell
  • Del. Rob Bell
  • Del. Kathy Byron
  • Del. Kirk Cox
  • Del. Todd Gilbert
  • Del. Nick Freitas
  • Del. Terry Kilgore
  • Del. Steve Landes
  • Del. David LaRock
  • Del. Jimmie Massie
  • Del. Israel O’Quinn
  • Del. Jackson Miller
  • Del. Todd Pillion
  • Del. Will Morefield
  • Del. Michael Webert
  • Del. Tony Wilt

*Unit Committee Chairs:

  • Accomack County - Wesley Edwards
  • Alexandria City - Chris Marston
  • Allegheny/Covington - Benjamin Snedegar
  • Arlington County - Matt Wavro
  • Augusta County - Georgia Alvis-Long
  • Bath County - Jay Trinca
  • Bland County - Adam Kidd
  • Botetourt County - Jeff Stritesky
  • Bristol County - Kevin Corbett
  • Buena Vista/Lexington/Rockbridge - Roger Jarrell
  • Charles City County - Connie Warner
  • Charlotte County - Peggy Armentrout
  • Charlottesville - Barbara Null
  • Chesterfield County - Donald Williams
  • Clarke County - Andrew Nicholson
  • Culpepper County - Chuck Duncan
  • Craig County - Jordan Labiosa
  • Danville County - Betsy Young
  • Dickinson County - Gary Hall
  • Dinwiddie County - Dean McCray
  • Emporia/Greensville - John Kinsey
  • Essex County - Dave Rector
  • Fairfax City - Becky Stoeckel
  • Fairfax County - Matt Ames
  • Falls Church - Ken Feltman
  • Franklin County - Brian Hamilton
  • Fredericksburg - Michael Hirsh
  • Galaxy County - Brandon Broyles
  • Giles County - Mae Midkiff
  • Halifax County - Pat Barksdale
  • Hampton County - Carl Anderson
  • Hanover County - Nancy Russell
  • Harrisonburg County - Mac Nichols
  • Henry County - W. C. Fowlkes
  • Hopewell County - Brandon Howard
  • Isle of Wight - Bill Coburn
  • King George County - Ray Duncan
  • King William County - John Breeden
  • Lee County - Jason Grace
  • Lexington - Roger Jarrell
  • Lunenburg County - Mike Hankins
  • Manassas City - Sharon Ashurt
  • Madison County - William Harvill
  • Mecklenburg County - R. Wallace Hudson
  • Middlesex County - Patty Wheeler
  • Montgomery County - Mel Huber
  • Nelson County - Carlton Ballowe
  • New Kent County - Mark Daniel
  • Newport News - Cliff Dunn
  • Norfolk County - Tom Cherry
  • Northumberland - Dean Sumner
  • Page County - Parker Gochenour
  • Prince George County - Wayne Cunningham
  • Radford - Alex Davis
  • Rappahannock County - Angela Deavers
  • Richmond City - Davis Reynolds
  • Roanoke County - Dave Suetterlein
  • Rockingham County - Donna Moser
  • Scott County - John Kilgore, Sr.
  • Shenandoah County - Craig Orndorff, Acting
  • Smyth County - Adam Tolbert
  • Spotsylvania County - David Ross
  • Staunton County - Matt Fitzgerald
  • Suffolk County - Stephen Trent
  • Sussex County - Vernon Teall
  • Tazewell County - Wanda Lowe
  • Virginia Beach - Ken Longo
  • Warren County - Stephen Kurtz
  • Washington County - John Seaborn
  • Waynesboro City - Ken Adams
  • Williamsburg - Lori Goldstein

* The name of the unit is for identification purposes only. Their endorsement is not representative of the entire unit. 


Grassroots Leaders & Activists:

  • Laura Alcorn, Henrico
  • Joan Wilkins, Goochland
  • Lois Paul, Rockingham
  • Kristie Proctor, Hanover
  • Heather Cordaso, James City County
  • Ed Levine, President of VCDL
  • Alice Butler Short, Fairfax
  • Janet Welty, Rockingham
  • Dean Welty, Rockingham
  • Ashley Myers, Richmond
  • Nicole Riley, Richmond
  • Ruth Anderson, Board of Supervisors, Prince William
  • Garth Wheeler, Middlesex
  • Cathy Gillespie, Alexandria
  • Ed Gillespie, Alexandria
  • Paula Kallay, Spotsylvania
  • Nancy Stone, Rockingham
  • Susan Oliver, Lynchburg
  • Ben Dessart, Richmond
  • Anne Reeves, Spotsylvania
  • Leah Holloway, 3rd District
  • Donna Holt, Richmond
  • Barbara Roller, Augusta
  • Larry Roller, Augusta
  • Julie Coggsdale, Midlothian
  • Kaylene Seigle, Harrisonburg
  • Dan Cullers, Rockingham
  • Jared Walczak, Arlington
  • Jean Gannon, Powhatan
  • Audrey Jackson, Chesterfield
  • Sandy Liddy Bourne, Alexandria
  • Cole Trower, Elkton
  • Shirley Forbes, Chesapeake
  • Judi Lynch, Midlothian
  • Anne Gentry, Fairfax
  • Jim Cohen, Virginia Beach
  • David Bartholemew, Virginia Beach
  • Jerry Kilgore, Henrico
  • Frank Atkinson, Hanover
  • Wes Fisher, Harrisonburg
  • Kate Gaziano, Charlottesville
  • Trixie Averill, Roanoke
  • Nancy Dye, Roanoke
  • John Tucker, Madison
  • Charlotte Homer, Page
  • Matt Homer, Page
  • Jesse Lynch, Salem
  • Gary Byler, Virginia Beach
  • John Sloop, Harrisonburg
  • Chad Green, York
  • Shaun Kenney, New Kent
  • Melissa Kenney, New Kent
  • Mike Meredith, Harrisonburg
  • Rollin Reisinger, Fairfax
  • Matt Colt Hall, Roanoke
  • Chris Obenshain, Chesterfield
  • Chip Muir, Richmond
  • Pam Brown, Norfolk
  • Juliana Comer, Richmond
  • Barry Isenhour, Richmond
  • Dean Longo, Newport News
  • Patricia Cowan, 1st District
  • Marty Hall, Chief of Staff for Will Moorefield
  • John Salm, Northampton
  • Laura Logie, Rockingham
  • Jeanette Kraknak, Arlington
  • Chaz Haywood, Rockingham
  • Tim Phillips, Loudoun
  • John Fredericks, Chesapeake
  • Alma Jackson, Fairfax
  • Anne Fredericks, Chesapeake
  • Anna Lee, Fairfax
  • Linda Pellegrino, McLean
  • Jay McConville, Fairfax
  • Chris Leavitt, Arlington
  • Susan Allen, Arlington
  • Chuck Slemp, Wise
  • Phil Cox, Fairfax
  • Courtney Malveaux, Henrico
  • Jack Morgan, 9th District
  • Rebecca Johnson, Bland
  • Caleb Cruey, Tazewell
  • Mike Honaker, Pulaski
  • Patricia Phillips, Loudoun
  • Ursel Huber, Goochland
  • Reeva Tilley, Hanover
  • Harry Armbruster, Elkton
  • Susan Weeks, Goochland
  • Margaret Godsey, Hanover
  • Richard Trower, Rockingham
  • Irma Topper, Goochland
  • Virginia Habansky, Hanover
  • Dennis Driver, Rockingham
  • Art Bachman, Goochland
  • Sandra Paulus, Hanover
  • Tom Van Auken, Chesterfield
  • Nancy Flippen, Hanover
  • Mark Hodges, Rockingham
  • Stan Corn, Goochland
  • Kris Daniels, Hanover
  • Joan Hughes, Harrisonburg
  • Mike Caudill, Goochland
  • Nancy Stone, Harrisonburg
  • Nancy Jett, Hanover
  • Susan Newton, Goochland
  • Doug Farmer, Madison
  • Jean Nelson, McGaheysville
  • Joan Wilkins, Goochland
  • Nancy Hazzard, Hanover
  • Nick Collette, Hanover
  • Todd Garber, Rockingham
  • John Myers, Goochland
  • Fred Eberly, Rockingham
  • Pat Peterson, Hanover
  • Karen Ogendo, Goochland
  • Jeff Roadcap, Rockingham
  • Sue Armbruster, Elkton
  • Janine Woods, Hanover
  • Richard Mondale, Rockingham
  • Fran Sadler, Hanover
  • Sharon Posey, Harrisonburg
  • Wayne Hazzard, Hanover
  • Brenda Haas, Rockingham
  • Beth Croxton, Chesterfield
  • Jon Ritenour, Rockingham
  • Canova Peterson, Hanover
  • Martha Floyd, Rockingham
  • Nathan Miller, Bridgewater
  • Bill Kyger, Bridgewater
  • Jacob Neff, Bridgewater
  • Julia Pilpenko, Harrisonburg
  • Vicki Barb, Rockingham
  • Lowell Barb, Rockingham
  • Pablo Cuevas, Rockingham
  • Kate Obenshain, Winchester
  • Elaine Cuevas, Rockingham
  • Dewey Ritchie, Rockingham
  • Jesse Lynch, Salem
  • Mac Obenshain, Salem
  • Brisco Dellinger, Rockingham
  • Tommy Moser, Rockingham
  • Former Senator Ralph Smith
  • Susan Valentine, Fairfax
  • Julie Eskeli, Newport News
  • Tucker Davis, Montgomery
  • Gerrie Smith, Fairfax
  • Emily O’Quinn, Bristol
  • Kevin Hazzard, Goochland
  • Tony Pham, Henrico
  • Theresa Speake, Fairfax

Thursday, January 21, 2016

2016 Legislative Session: Week 2

96th District, Virginia House of Delegates                                           January 21, 2016

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Contact Delegate Pogge

Richmond Office 
General Assembly Building
Room 403
P.O. Box 406
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: 804-698-1096
Fax: 804-786-6310
Legislative Aide
Amanda Johnston
Notice anything unusual about this email? If you've received my session updates for the past couple of years, you'll realize this message is arriving a day early.

Perhaps you've already guessed the reason: snow! The weekend weather forecast has paralyzed activity in the General Assembly. Because legislators drive home to their districts for the weekend, a Friday snowstorm poses serious hazards. For this reason, tomorrow's committee meetings are canceled and session will not be held.

Although the Historic Triangle may miss the brunt of the storm, we will still experience wintry conditions. Following are links to winter weather resources:

Road conditions: 

Power outages or downed lines: 

Local emergency management office: 

Please tune in to local media, including www.wydaily.com for information on closures.
HB699: Industrial Hemp Production
Did you know that in 1619 the Virginia House of Burgesses enacted legislation requiring every farmer to grow hemp? Hemp was used for a variety of purposes, including fuel, textiles, and paper. Industrial hemp possesses none of the psychotropic qualities associated with marijuana; however, hemp production was essentially banned in 1937 as the result of a prohibitive tax. Although the tax was eventually ruled unconstitutional, industrial hemp production remains banned due to federal policy. Fortunately, there is a movement to remove industrial hemp from the federal Controlled Substances List.

Industrial hemp offers outstanding environmental and economic benefits. My House Bill 699 ensures that Virginia will be prepared to immediately begin commercial cultivation after Congress revises the federal policies governing industrial hemp. House Bill 699 allows a person with a license to manufacture industrial hemp products or engage in scientific, agricultural, or other research involving the applications of industrial hemp. This pro-business legislation supports job growth in Virginia. The bill is poised to pass the full House early next week.
Have you taken my legislative survey?
If you have not already done so, please take my online legislative survey. I look forward to receiving your input. As always, if you need detailed information about a bill, please contact my office by calling 804-698-1096 or emailing DelBPogge@house.virginia.gov.
General Assembly visitors
As always, Monday's Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday brought crowds of visitors to the General Assembly Building. The busy pace continued all week, and I enjoyed meeting with representatives and members of the following organizations:

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Americans for Prosperity
Medical Society of Virginia
Virginia Young Democrats
Jamestown High School
Virginia Credit Unions
Virginia Interfaith
Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants
Visiting with representatives of the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants
Please contact my office.
As a reminder, if you have questions about a bill or policy proposal, please email DelBPogge@house.virginia.gov or call 804-698-1096. If you visit Richmond prior to March 12, please stop by my office, Room 403 in the General Assembly Building. 

Stay warm and safe!
Delegate Brenda Pogge

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

About next Wednesday

96th District, Virginia House of Delegates                                            January 6, 2016

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District Office 

(Outside of Session):

1201 Jamestown Road

Williamsburg, VA 23185




Please send mail to:

P.O. Box 196

Norge, VA 23127
Legislative Aide
Amanda Johnston
Please join me in Richmond next Wednesday, January 13, the first day of the General Assembly session.  The Family Foundation will be hosting their annual Day at the Capitol on that day.  I am pasting in an email I received from them below.  If you are able to come, please stop by my office and say hello.  


About next Wednesday

Have you marked your calendar for next Wednesday, January 13, 2016? That is the first day of the 2016 General Assembly session and also our Family Foundation Day at the Capitol. This year, our day features our 4th Annual Prayer Walk and Virginia Stands for Life Gathering in Richmond.

Abby Johnson will be our keynote speaker at the Stand for Life Gathering. Abby is a former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director, now a pro-life advocate. You don't want to miss hearing her powerful testimony.

We are starting the day at 9:00 am with the Prayer Walk at both the Capitol and at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

At 10:00 am there will be a chance for you to meet with your legislators in the General Assembly building. Your legislators need to hear from you. We are hoping to have people from every legislative district in the state so that no Delegate or Senator will be missed.

We will gather at the Bell Tower area of Capitol Square at 11:00 am to hear from Abby and to make a statement to the legislators and to Virginians that we believe that life, from conception to natural death is sacred and deserves protection by the government.

Thank you for joining us on this very special day. To register, please click here.

For questions, call Jackee at 804-343-0010.

What: Family Foundation Day at the Capitol

When: Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 9:00 am - noon

Where: meet at House Room 3 in the Capitol or room E21C in the Greater Richmond Convention Center

How: to register, click here

For Families and For Virginia,

Victoria Cobb

Keep me updated.
If you have questions or concerns when dealing with a state agency, please do not hesitate to contact me for assistance. Also, if you have ideas for legislation, please send me an email within the next ten days! My door is always open, and I look forward to hearing from you. You can reach me by email at DelBPogge@house.virginia.gov or by phone at 757-223-9690. 

Delegate Brenda Pogge

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