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Fwd: RED ALERT! JCC BOS Redistricting & Budget Meeting!

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Subject: RED ALERT! JCC BOS Redistricting & Budget Meeting!

RED alert! Whttp Patriots!


Fellow Patriots! Just a reminder that the James City County Board of Supervisors will be meeting tomorrow night at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 26, in Building F of the County Government Complex, off Mounts Bay Road.

Please consider attending this BOS meeting and help promote the conservative leadership and responsible guidance being offered and additionally help to counter the divisive and destructive promotion of progressivism in James City County! Over the last several weeks, the Board of Supervisors, and Citizen Advisory Committee respectively, has been hard at work preparing the FY 2012 County Budget and decennial redistricting plan. The Citizens Advisory Committee voted to recommend Option 1 on 12 April in a bipartisan vote of 8 for and 2 against.

Opponents are expected to continue their efforts to be heard and promote their selfish partisan interests on our community. What's next is not allowing these progressive partisans to highjack the process and continue to promote their destructive practices in our back yard. Constitutional supporters like you need to speak up and not allow this one sided argument to impose their radical views on the Supervisors, who will be adopting both the budget and redistricting at tomorrow night's meeting. Then, please forward this message to friends, family, and other like-minded citizens and ask them to attend as well. It's absolutely vital we turn out and support those in our local government that are supporting the Constitution and not just the few squeaky wheels that promote only certain perspective as considerable or to be heard.

The documents attached are intended to aid you during the discussions concerning redistricting at Tuesday night's meeting.  I strongly advise you read all of them well in advance of that meeting. The documents will serve as a guide and help to understand the arguments likely to be made by those opposed to Option 1 or in support of another map (including the Fuentes Map).
Unanimously adopted Redistricting Resolution (rules & guidelines) can be found at the following link:

Additional info on BOS Public Hearings:
Redistricting Public Hearing
FY 2012 County Budget (Summary) (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Attachment)

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JCC Redistricting - Fuentes Map.doc JCC Redistricting - Fuentes Map.doc
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JCC Redistricting - Option 1.doc JCC Redistricting - Option 1.doc
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JCC Redistricting - Options 2, 3 and 4.doc JCC Redistricting - Options 2, 3 and 4.doc
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JCC Redistricting - Staggered Terms.doc JCC Redistricting - Staggered Terms.doc
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Please read the above attachments prior to attending the meeting!
Time to ACT!

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