Thursday, January 21, 2016

2016 Legislative Session: Week 2

96th District, Virginia House of Delegates                                           January 21, 2016

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Richmond Office 
General Assembly Building
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P.O. Box 406
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: 804-698-1096
Fax: 804-786-6310
Legislative Aide
Amanda Johnston
Notice anything unusual about this email? If you've received my session updates for the past couple of years, you'll realize this message is arriving a day early.

Perhaps you've already guessed the reason: snow! The weekend weather forecast has paralyzed activity in the General Assembly. Because legislators drive home to their districts for the weekend, a Friday snowstorm poses serious hazards. For this reason, tomorrow's committee meetings are canceled and session will not be held.

Although the Historic Triangle may miss the brunt of the storm, we will still experience wintry conditions. Following are links to winter weather resources:

Road conditions: 

Power outages or downed lines: 

Local emergency management office: 

Please tune in to local media, including for information on closures.
HB699: Industrial Hemp Production
Did you know that in 1619 the Virginia House of Burgesses enacted legislation requiring every farmer to grow hemp? Hemp was used for a variety of purposes, including fuel, textiles, and paper. Industrial hemp possesses none of the psychotropic qualities associated with marijuana; however, hemp production was essentially banned in 1937 as the result of a prohibitive tax. Although the tax was eventually ruled unconstitutional, industrial hemp production remains banned due to federal policy. Fortunately, there is a movement to remove industrial hemp from the federal Controlled Substances List.

Industrial hemp offers outstanding environmental and economic benefits. My House Bill 699 ensures that Virginia will be prepared to immediately begin commercial cultivation after Congress revises the federal policies governing industrial hemp. House Bill 699 allows a person with a license to manufacture industrial hemp products or engage in scientific, agricultural, or other research involving the applications of industrial hemp. This pro-business legislation supports job growth in Virginia. The bill is poised to pass the full House early next week.
Have you taken my legislative survey?
If you have not already done so, please take my online legislative survey. I look forward to receiving your input. As always, if you need detailed information about a bill, please contact my office by calling 804-698-1096 or emailing
General Assembly visitors
As always, Monday's Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday brought crowds of visitors to the General Assembly Building. The busy pace continued all week, and I enjoyed meeting with representatives and members of the following organizations:

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Americans for Prosperity
Medical Society of Virginia
Virginia Young Democrats
Jamestown High School
Virginia Credit Unions
Virginia Interfaith
Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants
Visiting with representatives of the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants
Please contact my office.
As a reminder, if you have questions about a bill or policy proposal, please email or call 804-698-1096. If you visit Richmond prior to March 12, please stop by my office, Room 403 in the General Assembly Building. 

Stay warm and safe!
Delegate Brenda Pogge

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