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Teacher Gazette -- December 2014

Teacher Gazette


 Early Trades at Jamestown
Teaching Strategy

The goal of the Virginia Company was to turn North America's natural resources into products that could be exported to England. Early attempts at establishing industry included silk making, glassblowing, wine making, and iron and salt production. Ultimately, what proved most successful in Virginia was tobacco and the fur trade. In this lesson, students examine images related to early manufacturing in Jamestown, looking for the connections among the objects and their relation to the settlement. More

Primary Source
Clay Pipes The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 

The settlers at Jamestown made many pipes such as these. After many failed attempts at a variety of industries, tobacco became the Virginia colony's most profitable product. By 1675, Virginia was exporting more than ten million pounds of tobacco to England annually. The tobacco pipe was a personal possession and trade good. More

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"And moreover, we do GRANT and agree... that that the said several Councils of and for the said several Colonies, shall and lawfully may, by Virtue hereof, from time to time... dig, mine, and search for all Manner of Mines of Gold, Silver, and Copper, as well within any Part of their said several Colonies, as of the said main Lands on the Backside of the same Colonies; ... YIELDING therefore to Us, our Heirs and Successors, the fifth Part only of all the same Gold and Silver, and the fifteenth Part of all the same Copper..."

The First Charter of Virginia; April 10, 1606 

in The Avalon Project, Yale Law School, Lillian Goldman Law Library

Scholarship and grant-matching applications for the Summer 2015 Teacher Institute are due December 31During a six-day session on location in Colonial Williamsburg and the surrounding area, engage in an interdisciplinary approach to teaching social studies with American history as the focus. Exchange ideas with historians, meet character interpreters and become part of the story in The Revolutionary City. Work collaboratively with Colonial Williamsburg staff and Master Teachers to examine interactive teaching techniques and develop instructional materials that bring history to life in the classroom. Learn More

HERO's Upcoming Live Broadcast
The Amazing Trade Shop Science Race EFT
December 11, 2014
Root for student contestants as they compete to discover the physics, chemistry and simple machines employed by Colonial Williamsburg's tradespeople to reconstruct an 18th-century coffeehouse. Quirky "Professor Eddie" hosts this engaging science game show! More

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